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Hi, I'm Souadou Barry, Founder and creative director of Fulani and I wanted to share with you a little bit about the creative process behind Fulani bags.

I get my inspiration from my travels, and my designs are a reflection of all I have seen, felt and loved.Fulani is the name of a nomadic population who encountered many different cultures in their journeys, each of them making them who they are. Like my nomadic ancestors, my inspiration comes from all the places I have been, and where I come from.A few years ago I fell in love with a traditional hand woven fabric from Senegal, called Rabaal. From there the vision to create handbags using this rich and colorful fabric under the brand name Fulani was born. With so many pattern and color possibilities the design options are endless.Fulani takes an ancient pattern and makes it contemporary again. When designing, I like to keep the collection simple with elegant lines to compliment the eclectic fabric insert I use. Soft leather frame and luxury hardware give it a contemporary touch while the craftsmanship makes it timeless.

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