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Avshalom, came to his craft almost by accident. After moving from Israel to New York to accommodate a boyfriend's career, he found himself becoming what he only half-jokingly describes as a "desperate housewife" in Manhattan. To amuse himself, he made jewelry he could wear around town–and was pleasantly surprised when other people liked his work and asked to buy it for themselves.

Response was so great, in fact, that Rave soon found it necessary to set up shop in Tel Aviv, employing a small team of craftsmen and salespeople to produce and promote his necklaces, bracelets and rings for men. He named the endeavor PerePaix (French for "Father Peace," a play on his first name, Avshalom), and drew inspiration from the heritage of his mixed Mediterranean roots–an Egyptian mother, a Yemenite father and a childhood spend in Israel. The result? A range of bold pieces incorporating ancient symbols of heraldry and masculinity, reinterpreted with an artist's eye for elegant lines and fine details.
As it was written in: Fashion as A 2ND Language Web Magazine.

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